From sidewalk dream to moonlight delight.

We have Thinkers. Doers. Control Freaks and Free Spirits. Planners and Risk Takers. Artists and Engineers. Contractors and Chefs. Parents and Students.

We are quirky, creative, energetic, dedicated, hardworking multi-taskers who work hard to create a sensational dessert experience for you. And the guy downstairs is a cleaning fanatic with a touch of OCD. He keeps everything in the right place, including his heart (even though it sometimes drives us nuts).



sparkles Heidi

Title: Founder & Queen Bee

Favorite Flavor: Tahitian Vanilla

I'm an engineer, a mom to two young boys, a Cornellian, a math geek, and a Sloanie (MIT). I like my "day job" and love to Moonlight. I like to say what’s on my mind the moment it enters my mind. This sometimes gets me in trouble. I have a Varsity Letter in Football from Cornell and served Pina Coladas at a pool bar in Puerto Rico. I know how to play the accordian, and like to read whatever Malcolm Gladwell writes. I watch really bad reality tv shows and miss the X-Files. I have an incredible and supportive family that taught me to approach new things by asking "Why not?"


sparkles Jeff

Title: Founder & Chief of Getting Things Done

Favorite Flavor: Butter Pecan Fudge Ripple

I'm an entrepreneur, a dad to three great kids, a husband to a patient woman, a golfer, a tennis player, and a fisherman. I love to cook, play the piano, and cheer on the Buffalo Bills. I enjoy waking up early and getting the most from each day. My life is one big blessing and I'm thankful for it.


sparkles Gene

Title: Artisan Ice Cream Chef & Overlord of the Stockroom

Favorite Flavor: Buttered Almond

I was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, the heart of the Rust Belt and home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I love meat and potatoes. This pretty much sums up the kind of guy I am. While in the Navy, I was a guest at the palace in Monaco and lived on a Vietnamese Gun Boat. My fifteen minutes of fame occured in college when, on a dare and a bet, I boxed a sixty pound orangutan at a local carnival side show. I lasted less than three minutes in the cage, gave up, and lost the $5.00 bet.


sparkles Kathie

Title: Artisan Ice Cream Chef & Team Grandma

Favorite Flavor: Mint Chip

I'm a proud grandmother of Heidi's boys, a retired MCC financial aid office employee, a Rockefeller with no money, and my husband's number one assistant making ice cream. (Who said old dogs can't learn new tricks?). I'm my children's biggest fan and would love to tell you all about my son's latest adventures as a professional dancer in NYC. I like to sew, read and "do the cottage thing" on weekends. I don't fish, but I enjoy a good fish fry now and then.


sparkles Harry

Title: Chief Artisan Ice Cream Chef & Head Meanie

Favorite Flavor: Espresso with English Toffee

I'm a proud dad of two amazing boys, a veteran of the Air Force, a Little League coach and an avid bowler.  After twenty years as a technician at Xerox,  I embarked on a new career making ice cream.  I am a clean freak and take great pride in running a "tight ship." All of our flavors are fantastic,  but when I sit down to watch football,  it is with a bowl of Espresso with English Toffee. 


sparkles Mikee

Title: Customer Experience Rock Star & Cruise Director of your Fifteen Minute Vacation

Favorite Flavor: Oatmeal

I believe in making every day a great day! I joined the team here at Moonlight and it has become a family! My wish is to help everyone have a great experience and to feel like family when they visit Moonlight. So drop by, see an old friend, and have a scoop of ice cream.