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Frequently Asked Questions


Decadence Club

I signed up to receive Decadence Club e-mail notes but I don't ever get one. I feel like I'm missing out on the fun. What's going on?

If you signed up within the last week, please be patient –we may not have had a chance to enter you to our database yet! If you signed up a while ago, we're either getting caught in your junk mail filter or we have your e-mail address incorrect in our database Luckily, it is a simple fix – either ask the server to edit your e-mail address when you are at Moonlight next, or send a quick e- mail to Heidi at Heidi@moonlightcreamery.com.

What is your policy on e-mail? Can I opt out?

Like you, we hate unsolicited e-mail. At Moonlight Creamery, we only send e-mail to people who have opted in to receiving it from us. If you ever decide you would rather not receive e-mail from us, please send Heidi a quick note at Heidi@moonlightcreamery.com and she'll remove you from our mailings right away. Simply trying to unsubscribe to the e-mail will not work because we maintain our distribution list in a separate database.

If I give you my e-mail address, will you keep it safe?

Moonlight Creamery respects your privacy and will not sell, share, post, broadcast, or otherwise distribute the information you provide on your Decadence Club application to any third party for any reason or at any time. Ever.

Can I get credit for a past purchase?

Decadence points can only be awarded at the time of purchase and cannot be awarded for past purchases. This is a limitation of our Point of Sale system. We know it's a bummer, but we hope you understand.

The Decadence Club sounds amazing! What’s the fine print?

Like with most good things in life, the Decadence Club has a few (not many!) rules and restrictions.

  • By signing up to the Decadence Club, you agree to comply with all program rules and policies.
  • Your Decadence award is based on the number of stars you have accumulated.  Save them up for bigger rewards!
  • Points are earned for each dollar spent (excluding tax and gratuity), rounded down to the nearest whole dollar. Points are not given for Moonlight Creamery Gift Card purchases. Points and reward dollars may not be redeemed for cash. Only the person paying the bill may be credited with points for any purchases. Points are non-transferable. Points may not be combined from different cards. We cannot retroactively award points, so please make sure you identify yourself as a Decadence Club member at the time of purchase. Certain restrictions may apply (we're not sure what restrictions this refers to, but it seems like this is always in the "fine print" of these types of offers!).
  • The Decadence Club is for individual customers only. Points may not be credited to business entities or for corporate purchases.
  • Moonlight Creamery reserves the right to make changes in the rules or benefits, audit or cancel your account, or terminate the program at any time without advance notice. We doubt we will, but, hey, you never know.
I get your Decadence Club e-mail notes but I don't have a card. When will I get my card?

No card needed!  Simply enter the phone number you signed up with when you joined and you will be awarded your stars!

I signed up for the Decadence Club. When will I get my card?

After you sign up for the Decadence Club, we will enter you in to our database of members. Our new program simply requires you to enter your phone number at the time of purchase - no card necessary!

How do I know what my points balance is?

You can check your balance right at the register after you enter your phone number.  Or simply ask the server to look it up.  They love to help!

Field Trips

What ages are best for field trips?

Our Behind the Scenes Field Trips are appropriate for ages 5 and up. Our Apprentice Field Trips are best enjoyed by children 8 and up as they have the right level of interest and understanding (and attention span). Simplified field trips are available for pre-school groups and more in depth field trips are available for children up to 13 years of age.

How many students can be accommodated on a field trip?

We can accommodate groups as large as 25 students. We require a minimum of 8 students for Behind the Scenes Field Trips and a minimum of 12 students for Apprentice Field Trips. Larger groups can be accommodated by booking field trips back to back.

When can a field trip be booked?

Our Behind the Scenes Field Trips are available all week throughout the year, though there are some times that are better than others depending on the time of the year. Our Apprentice Field Trips are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, starting at 11 am, 12 pm, or 1 pm. We limit the number of field trips to two per day, and eight per month. Available times are booked on a first-come, first served basis. We do not host field trips during the summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day).

How long does a field trip last?

Our Behind the Scenes Field Trips last approximately one hour. Our Apprentice Field Trips last approximately 1 ½ hours. The instructional part of the field trip lasts approximately 70 minutes, followed by enjoying ice cream and Q&A for another 15-20 minutes.

How much do the field trips cost?

Our Behind the Scenes Field Trips cost $8.50 per student. Our Apprentice Field Trips cost $180 for up to 12 students and $8.50 per additional student. This is a subsidized cost available only to public and private school groups and licensed home school groups.


Where are you located?

Moonlight Creamery is located at 36 West Avenue, Fairport, NY, bordering Kennelley Park near the Erie Canal.


How far in advance do I have to book a party?

We suggest booking at least two weeks in advance to ensure your desired date, however there is no minimum requirement. Note depending on your party size, chocolate tastings may require three weeks advance notice in order to allow sufficient time for our hand made artisan truffles to arrive.

Can I close down the store to throw a party?

Absolutely! Pricing will vary depending on the desired date, time and duration of the party.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

Absolutely! Per the terms of our liquor license, we are able to serve a full selection of wine and beer.

Do you serve any food other than desserts?

Working with an executive chef, we are able to cater upscale hors d’oeuvres to complement our selection of decadent pastries and ice creams. We also have a full line of fair trade, organic coffees and teas and other beverages.

Is the birthday child included in the total number of guests?

Yes, the birthday child (and other siblings) count towards the total number of guests in the party.

Do parents count in the total?

Parents do not count towards the total number of party guests and receive complimentary ice cream sundaes as part of the party package price. Other adults (parents of children attending the party, family members, etc.) are not included and must purchase whatever they would like to eat (coffee, ice cream, etc.). Of course, if there is pizza left over after the party guests have finished, any adult guests are welcome to enjoy the pizza.

What options are there to cover the cost of adults that choose to stay for the party?

There are two options for adults that choose to stay for the party, at the discretion of the person booking the party:

  • The adults can pay for themselves for whatever they choose to eat.
  • We can “run a tab” and the cost can be rolled in to the overall party cost.

We default to option 1 unless the person booking the party tells us they would like us to run a tab.

Can I order more pizza?

We provide enough pizza for all party guests. If you would like to supply pizza to other attendees (parents of party guests, other relatives, etc.), we are happy to order extra pizza at cost.

I have less than 12 guests. Can I pay less?

Our party pricing includes the cost of a party host and use of the facilities for your party. For this reason, we are unable to discount party pricing for smaller parties.

Where do you hold the birthday parties? Do you have a separate party room?

We hold the parties in our store and reserve space for party guests. We do not have a separate party room. If the weather is nice, we occasionally do part of the party (games, opening presents, etc.) outside in the park, providing the person booking the party agrees to move part of the party outside.

Do we open presents at the party?

That is entirely up to you. We can accommodate opening presents at the party if that is desired, but we need to know at the beginning of the party so we can adjust the schedule accordingly.

Will my child get to blow out candles?

We place a candle in the child’s ice cream sundae for them to blow out after we sing “Happy Birthday”.

Should we bring a cake?

You are welcome to provide a commercially prepared cake if you would like. In our experience, the children do not usually eat the cake but we are happy to serve it if you would like us to. We cannot serve a cake that is “homemade.”

How can I get invitations?

We provide postcard invitations that you may pick up at your convenience at Moonlight Creamery during normal business hours.

How many guests can you accommodate at a party in your store?

The maximum number of guests we can accommodate at a party is 50 with maximum seating for 24.