From sidewalk dream to moonlight delight.

Okay, so it is more like three missions:

Our Product Mission

To provide our customers with a "fifteen minute vacation" to reconnect with friends and family by offering premium ice cream, desserts, fair trade, organic coffees, and artisan chocolates at a fair price. To promote business practices that respect the environment and the humans in it by sourcing products locally when possible and from responsible producers when it is not.


Our Economic Mission

To operate the business on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth and to provide employees with opportunities for developing the skills they need to successfully run their own businesses some day.

Our Social Mission

To use innovative ways to improve the quality of life locally and globally by financially and experientially creating opportunities to nurture our education and community asset building initiatives and to inspire others to do the same. To create a community gathering place to solidify Fairport as a "great place to live."