Moonlight gives back.

Putting the "fun" back in fundraising!

In store fundraising event

Looking for a fun way to raise money for your organization and have a team building event at the same time? Consider hosting a fundraising event at Moonlight Creamery. We'll open our store to your organization, you promote the event, we scoop and serve (and clean up) for up to three hours, and we'll donate 20% of that night's sales to your group. Talk about a fun way to raise money for your organization!


We only run these events on Mondays between November 1st and March 15th so get your requests in fast. Once all of the days are booked, we'll stop accepting new applications.

Off site fundraising event sales

A sweet way to raise money for your cause! Have a Moonlight Creamery booth sell ice cream and other treats to the public at your event and we'll donate 10% of total sales. The best part – we do all the work! Some restrictions apply based on anticipated size of event and other vendors participating.

Pint Sales

Tired of selling chocolate, magazines and wrapping paper? How about selling a bit of decadence instead? We'll sell your "not for profit" organization pint cards, good for one pint of ice cream, at 30% off the retail price. Sell them at whatever price you wish and the profit is all yours to support your worthy cause.